Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sharing Lyte with the kids!!

Gaia Girls
Just so everyone knows, I am a single parent who is trying to raise a QUEEN GREENIE!! We each choose the battles we wish to conquer when you become parents. I, of course, have chosen to fight the green fight with my mini me, Ms. Queene! I would have made the decision to embark on the green journey much earlier if I would've known my 10 year old little lady would be leading me through all the darkness. Here are a couple of things that will allow you to SHARE LYTE WITH THE KIDS!!

GAIA GIRLS the book series written by Lee Welles is a must read. I am of the Shera and Wonder Woman generation. I miss the completeness that they each brought to my childhood and notice their absence in my daughter life. I meet Lee Welles at the GREEN FESTIVAL in 2007. I was looking in the book section for those who used soy/vegetable inks and recycled paper to network with. Lee Welles has done both! I am currently writing a self esteem series for little girls and I wanted to know all my options. Lee made me feel really brilliant and comfortable right from HELLO. Gaia Girls are four girls who have earth friendly super, but not over the top, powers. Each book is set in a believable environment and the main characters are met with some sort of eco-disater. I read the first two of the series during a business trip just after the festival. The books comes with activities, puzzles and games at the end of the story. AWESOME!!!! Yes, I did them all. The best thing about GAIA GIRLS is that my little greenie read them, asked questions and enjoyed each activity. 

Gaia Girls gets 5 out of 5 Sharing Lyte points from TL

Shipping Saver Bonus Set- Snack Bag , Baggie , Cloth Napkins - Ballet

Since we are in the sharing mood LETS TALK ABOUT SNACKS!!! YEAH baby! 

If you have a little greenie in the house then snacks are a MUST. Gnomeclothes makes a wonderful alternative to those awful plastic zip lock bags, cloth snack bags! The above set  includes napkins, a sandwich baggie and my NEW FAVE a snack bag with a handle!!! I promise once you have one Gnomeclothes snack bag you'll go back for seconds and maybe even thirds!!  

These bags are perfect. You can pick out the size you need small, medium, large and even extra large. They have a handy handle for that on the go little greenie. These bags are GREEN, she even ensure the fabric is food save 'cause SHE cares!!  AND FOR THE EXTREME GREENIE SHE HAS YOU COVERED WITH THE ORGANIC BAGGIES!!!! The best part is GNOMECLOTHES are made by a RAWKIN MOMMA of two little girls, her gnomes. I thank Michelle for sharing her lyte with the kids! Visit GNOMESCLOTHES often, I do!

Gnomeclothes gets 5 out of 5 Sharing Lyte points from TL



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