Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm giving into the Light

So .... It's 2015... where has the time gone, truly. The past seven (7) years have been the most difficult I have ever encountered. Seven (7) being a complete cycle/circle I am truly ready to move onward and upward. I haven't really been one for resolution yet I am a big fan of reflection (sankofa really). As I reflect I'll do so here in this blog for myself and may others benefit as well.

This is a testimony of sorts.... I want to be accountable for what has transpired but more importantly I want to account for what is happening in the now.

In reflection I have over come

  • A Deadly Illness 
  • Homelessness
  • Joblessness
  • Depression
  • Physical Assault
All while raising a teen aged daughter that I had to fight the system and family to maintain guardianship over. I also completed another degree.  * side note: for me its not the degree or what it represents that is important but rather the process of learning and gaining knowledge of something new that is the draw. I truly enjoy the process of educating oneself... degree or no degree*

And although each of these things are very serious the triumph here is that I have accomplished so much by overcoming each and everyone of them. 

I feel very successful, by my own definition. Oh wait... feelings... I have to say the main take away from the past 3 or so years is that I have be honored with is awareness of my emotions. The iceberg reference means so much to me, it was ICONIC. Emotions, for me, are like the success iceberg. The work is letting more and more of the iceberg to be seen. In the past I was very stoic for several reasons, mainly because I thought that was how I was suppose to be. Turns out I get to be however I choose to be. Imagine that... I can be emotional and that is just fine. Choice has become one of my favorite parts of living in the NOW.

I have several aspirations most of which deals with being of service. I am truly looking forward to this new year and all the living I get to do within it.

Now, I get to work on consistency, discipline, focus and perseverance.  I get to transition into a career that I enjoy completely, ideally in DC government (Ombudsmanship, IOG or Strategic Policy Planner). I get to complete on another degree, MPA-IG from CUNY- John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I get to work diligently on myself mentally, physically and spiritually daily. Most importantly, to me, I get to live in each moment fully. This is a habit I am still forming, a work in progress. I think it will be a life long pursuit. One that is never ending and ever changing. NOW is such a present unwrapping it should take forever.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you.

Breathe, Choose, Breathe again *repeat*

GO blessed with Peace!

Love is...TL

Music that is the lyte It's Working  (I KNOW I KNOW) William Murphy
Book that is the lyte Unbroken
Poem that is the lyte "I Am" Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
Visual Art that is the lyte Aaron Douglas The Creation

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lyte your living 11/29/12

It has been years.. lifetimes really since I wanted to share my words with the world. The New Moon cycle that started earlier in Nov 12 really has lifted the darkness from around my beingness. I know that is a lack convo but I feel as if it had to be said. Writing for me is the way I lyte my living, physically and mentally. I feel lighter when I write things out and I an able to see the path that is so brightly lit for me via my writing. I often read my old posts just to see if I have a talent for writing or if I am even saying anything interesting. As with life writing gets better as you experience more, live more. 

I recently received a copper bangle that reads simplify. So stately yet so simplistic. I am finding that the simpler a task, dream, goal or aspiration in my mind, mean when just allow the thing to just be and not embellish it, it seems so much more attainable. 

I am also finding that feelings/emotions help to lyte my living. I was at some point so afraid to feel because of the fear they may bring up. It is such a release to just simply live in whatever way is possible at the time and not hide in some illusion. 

I am the lyte for my living. All that I need is within me... My body, this outward temple, that amazing structure in which my soul resides is the most magnificent presence one could ever be gifted. I am so very grateful for my lyte and all the it illuminates. 

Living in The Lyte.... Yes please and thank you! 

Con Amor,

Love is...TL  

Music that is the lyte Adorn (I KNOW I KNOW) Miguel
Book that is the lyte Dulcie Series
Poem that is the lyte "I Am" Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
Visual Art that is the lyte Miya Bailey Butterflies