Monday, March 1, 2010

60/365 Dusk *A review*

So ...the dawn was drawn and dusk dances across a sky whose light comes from the FULL MOON.

Today I felt weakness of thought several times.
I completed several school tasks while feeling overwhelmed by it all.
My heart was heavy. My mind way to full!
I was told 2 times that I looked too young to have a 11 year old daughter. Leaves me to wonder how old I like and what that means in THIS society.

I realized I truly dislike going through this life without a partner. I am worthy and deserving. Sharing all things make them better. All in divine time.

I didnt take time....I didnt breathe...I didnt chant. I saw the effects of my disconnection from myself.

I remain open to all possiblities! I am... I am... I am...

This is just a reflection honest and true. It is not my reality just a review. The one thing I can count on is change!

Love is.....TL

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