Friday, May 14, 2010

Living Your Own Life! *Shining Lyte*

So I'm serious about this RV thing. More then that I'm ready. I have a PLAN, I'm preparing room and taking action! DID I SAY I AM READY!!! Well I am!

Here's what I know....
1. I want to stay at Family Owned *read smaller* campsites about 75% of the time
2. I want to Boondock at 25% of the time
3. I want to be a holistic, green and sustainable as possible
4. I want to ONLY patron mom and pop shops, co-ops and those who are their own boss
5. I want a partner who can ride out with me!
6. I want a career in training and development that is or will be a prefect fit for telecommuting
7. I am so glad I have all the certs I've gotten over the past 3 years they WILL come in handy after all.

So I have set a three year plan, to become a full time RVer, into motion. I will, however, be hitting the road real soon for every holiday, off day and extended weekend. I say real soon because I still have to get an RV! A 1972 Travco 270/320 413/440 to be exact! I have been INSIDE two already and it felt SO much like HOME. The prices for both were a bit high and they both need alot of work at those prices. I love the idea of fixing one up so I'm not discouraged. I even have the name for my 1972 Travco, NU NU. Nu Rvers are nonretired folx living on the road. Check'em at I just love the ideas behind most of their journeys so NU NU is bring me into their world.

I'd like support from my love ones in whatever way they feel fit to give....TRUST ME its welcomed. I'm stepping out but it really feels like I'm stepping in.

Love is.....TL

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