Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The road is callin! I see The LYTE 5/11/10

Ummm I'm a military brat and even married a Man in the military who happens to be the father of my daughter and now is my EX. I have moved every three or fours years since I was born. I never really like stay anywhere for too long. ONCE AGAIN THE ROAD IS CALLIN!!!

In Feb. 10' I was told several times that I should check out a NOMADIC tribe in Northern Africa if I was interested in my possible roots from The Great LAND. And everyone knows my mother is a Native American raised at Eagle point WVa. They travled with the seasons. TRAVELING is in my DNA, my blood and my soul.

I've been looking at Travco Rv's, eps. a 1972 beauty. I am seriously thinking that Rving is the way for me to go FULL TIME.

Life stop looking truly beautiful to me about two years ago. Alot has changed during this time. I often feel like I'm caught in some crazy hail/fire/lighting storm. The funny thing is I just find where I fit best and go with the flow. I haven't felt like I've made the best for myself but rather the best that has happened has enabled me to just be. I am grateful for this time .... It makes YOU HUNGRY! That hunger helps you reach harder and stronger. Its all apart of living in todays world. I KNOW what I want more, just as I know what I dont want! I'm going for what I desire! That's how you take care of HUNGER!

I'm a writer..... I write all the time! I write best when my world changes daily. I feel most alive while the world around me is new and exciting. Problem is SOCIETY pushes us to fit in these crazy little boxes. I dont mind 9-5's at all but right now in this economy getting one has been difficult. I DO KNOW MY DREAM CAREER IS WAITING FOR ME! Yet the question of "Why not jump?" comes up everyday for me..... There are 4 reasons why my left foot and only my left foot is stuck firmly to the ground...
1. My daughter... She is working so hard to achieve her dreams *Goin to IdleWood CA to attend an Art highschool* which includes being in a gifted and talented program at her current school. Rving would put her in to home schooling. I'm not sure if this will be to her benefit.
2. I need a RV. Funds!?! ...... thats all Imma say!
3. I want to meet my life partner. I know he will be where ever I am. I get that really!!! Yet I want to set off on this adventure with someone. Going it alone has been how I lived my life up to now and its time for a change! I deserve having the chance to grow and evolve via my reflection.
and lastly
4. Money. I gotta figure out how to live on the road.

My resolve....
Get a 1972 Travco NOW *Come on Career/Job FIND ME! I'm ready* and travel during the summer/on long weekends until I can do it full time on my terms!

May the divine be inspired to live this experience through me and make all this possible!

Love is....TL

Ps. I wrote this from my soul....NO SPELLCHECK!

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