Monday, June 16, 2008

Trash Trash and MORE TRASH

So I have been thinking about the trash in my life.

I realized trash can show up EVERYWHERE!


#1 junk food
My major junk food problem is potato chips!!! I can eat a whole bag of Herr's S/V (the WHITE bag) in one sitting.
My resolve is to eat Tortilla chips and seed based chips!

#2 Junk Mail
I get mail from all kinds of places
My resolve is to instantly put snail junk mail in the paper recycle bin.
and to spam all junk email I receive.

#3 Plastic bags
I have two beautiful dogs who use poop bags. Today I realized I put the plastic poop bag into the plastic kitchen trash bag that goes in to my trash bin plastic liner and then travels to the landfills. YES I cried!!!
My resolve is buy BIODEGRADABLE BAGS from

#4 TV
I don't really like cable TV or News but I do love the Sundance channel and now Planet Green (Discover Home channel). I sat down Sunday to relax and 6 hours later I was still watching TV. Talk about wasted time.
My resolve is to keep TV watching time to 2 hours a day.

#5 Food waste
I love cooking and now that I have my garden producing great PRODUCE I am doing it more often. That means leftovers (I HATE LEFTOVERS) and non usable parts of produce all being thrown away.
My resolve is to build a worm composting bin!!

#6 Couples Time
I found the time I spend with my spouse is often argument driven silence.
My resolve is to make the time I spend with my spouse US TIME that is not being thrown away.

#7 Books
I have 23 books that I have not read yet. I bought a new bookshelf to fit them on recently that looks clean and new. I love to read and LEARNING is a personal daily resolve.
My resolve is read all 23 books by Sept 15 and not to buy another book until I have.

We each have to get a TRASH thing under control. SO...........How bout you, do you have any TRASH!!!???

Love is....

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Sharee said...

I have a bad habit of 'collecting' books. I have tons of great books that I haven't read, but I'm constantly looking at garage sales for new ones. I doubt I'll stop though. My philosophy is that one day I'll have so much free time on my hands that I'll be able to read them all,lol. So glad we found each others blogs. My posts get a little lost on the CCOR page so I've been crossposting.