Thursday, December 11, 2008

Intentions:Allow My Lyte 2 shine!! Reflection!

I wanted to take this time to reflect back on the INTENTIONS I set at the New Moon as we are now moving into the Full moon phase of DEC 08'. 

1.) To cleanse myself, my home, my daughter and all that engulfs me. 
a.) I will clean my mind, body, soul and surroundings 
b.) I will juice and raw fast for all of DEC
2.) To continue to Journal, Blog and VLog
3.) To meditate twice daily
4.) To follow my workout schedule completely
5.) To ensure I am fueling myself at least 7 times a day 
6.) To follow my supplement regimen daily
7.) To allow the universe to bring me a career change that will allow me to grow
a.) growth personally
b.) growth in my entrepreneurial endeavors
c.) growth within the company 
d.) growth in wealth *material and non material*
e.) growth in happiness
f.) growth in enjoying what I do
g.) growth in doing what I love to do what I love

I set these intentions with a sound and clear mind. I intend to follow the divine path set out for me without question. I look happily in to the fiery eyes of  my future and say "Here I come!" 

I give thanks for
1.) All the support I have received
2.) My family's and my own great health
3.) The assistance that has been given to me
4.) The food that nurtures me
5.) The daily joys I have received
6.) The knowledge I have received
7.) The courage that has allowed me to leap forward

I was asked why the moon phases are so important....
I think it is all really up to the individual to embrace what feels right to them. You can google "Moon Phases" or "Cycles" and get a heck of alot of info but really if you don't believe then you just don't believe. For me the moon means ultimate women or GODDESS and its cycle keeps me intune with myself! 

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