Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh My Freakin Goodness THE LYTE 12/10/08

UMMMMM Have you had your Gnosis Chocolate yet!!???

The Story of  Gnosis Chocolate
Vanessa started making chocolate in March of 2007 and incorporated in March 2008 - deciding to bring Gnosis Chocolate to completion. Her vision is to make Gnosis Chocolate an internationally recognized household name that carries a profound message of health, well being, and awareness of environmental and societal conditions, and to shift the marketplace towards shelves filled only with high integrity, organic, healthful products.
Back in 2007, Vanessa didn't know she would start a chocolate company! She was just beginning her practice as a certified holistic health counselorand had started making chocolate for her clients. Without any marketing or assistants, stores in New York started requesting Gnosis Chocolate. She designed a label (in a Word document), added PayPal into her health counseling website, and began making chocolate.
As more orders started coming in, Vanessa realized this was going to be bigger than she thought. Did this really fit into her goal of helping individuals to better health? The answer came straight from the customers through emails thanking her for more than just the chocolate itself. Gnosis Chocolate was helping them change their diet after they finished eating the chocolate - to avoid unhealthy sweets and choose foods full of nutrients!
It's working! Gnosis Chocolate is not just a chocolate bar - it's a means to better health!
GO GET 5 NOW and save until 12/15!!

These bars are so darn good!!! TRUST ME!! 




Anonymous said...

I need to look into this...thanks for the heads up sis. :)

Chocolate Girl said...

thanks so much for the support!!! :)