Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon Intentions 1/10/09

I refuse to write out my 09' resolutions in January so I decide to write out somethings I've been dreaming about for at least two years. 

I fully intend to be in a committed relationship with a Spiritual being who can accept me at my worse and handle me at my best.  A being who is open to life, love and a true partnership! 

I fully intend to bring Love , Joy and Happiness into my circle by starting by giving, showing and receiving it to me first! 

I fully intend to hold myself in the highest of regards because I am DESERVING of all positive energy!

I fully intend to be as natural, green and self sustainable as possible! 

I fully intend to live in each moment and not be weighed down by the negative. 

Please remember that Mercury goes retrograde on the 11th!!! 

Full moon intentions are just a reiteration of your NEW MOON intentions. 

    LOVE IS....

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! You know I love the way you articule your messages. Hugz & Love Goddess! :)