Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not a Morning person

SO I'M Not a morning person at all. Problem is I've made some awesome lifestyle changes over the past few months based on a 545am or earlier wake up. HMMMM!!!! I need help!! I hardly ever reach out for assistance however I NEED HELP! 

I can feel my body changing back to something I was once in love with, my mind is getting clearer/more exacting and my spirit/soul is open. I want this journey to continue THUS I NEED HELP! 

I'm not sure what will help me beside someone coming into my home and finding a gentle way to wake me up but I'm asking for help anyway!! 

OKAY I PROMISE I'm going to be on this blog more often, HONESTLY!!!!! I really am just settling down after the 1/20/09 craziness! 

One more thing I will be adding is why, when and what I am eating at least weekly! Twitters you're going to get a double play of this!!! 

I feel so charged and ready for change I'm starting to grow impatient about it!!! 

Here is what I have learned these past six months 
1. Make a PLAN
2. Make the PLAN simpler
3. Follow your PLAN
4. Get prepared for everything and anything (Pack food, set out workout clothes, buy  food weekly, set out shopping lists/bags, make a menu, have dinning out options ahead of time and do as much as you can on Sunday!!!) 
5. Do it your way for you!!
6. Eat often and small portions
7. anything less then 1350 calories is not enough 
8. Water WATER water ( 120 oz works for me) 
9. Their best is my worst 
10. Be flexible ( 65% raw 20 % vegan  fill in the rest with a little chicken a little fish NO WHEAT NO WHITE SUGAR, Stay high on nuts and veggies ) with yourself within your known good foods 
11. EVERYONE NEEDS A BREAK ( have a weekend where you can let loose)
12.  Workout when you feel it even if you already did that day

My release over the past 6 months 18 lbs! Slow but steady is my plan!! 


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Imani Sankofa said...

5:45am? OMG! You actually get up that early? I am not a morning person. If I go to bed early (before 10pm), I can get up early without any problems. Even then it takes a while before I'm all perky and things.