Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A 1 yr in a 3yr for a #3!

Peace All!
Yes I know its been ages! Please forgive me!
"Motivated Action thru to completion in 2010." TLM

2010 is a 3 year and a 1 year for me. My life path numer is a 3...Thus... A 1yr in a 3yr for a #3! A Creatively New Beginnning's year for me! YAY!

I wonder how many people actually felt the lead up to 2010. Did you feel it? It was breathtaking and enaging all at the sametime. Sublime yet tangible! I felt layers just fall away, drift out into the vast nothingness and then be burnt to ashes by the NYE 09' BLUE Moon w/lunar eclipse. Amazing, simply amazing.

A New Year indeed! I welcome it enchanted while wide eyed! I embrace all that may come, I can imagine and what my dreams have been full of with acceptance and allowing. I give thanks for all that is and will be!

Will you do betta to be your best in 2010? I truly hope so as I aim to.

Endless mounds of love, hugs and kisses!
Be Well, Be Safe and BE PEACE!!!
Love is....TL

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