Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crafting your Lyte

So I am a ETSY.COM addict!!
 I am really starting to wonder if I need to talk to someone about it. There is a benefit to my window shopping....The urge to CRAFT!!! As you all know I love, I DO MEAN LOVE, to upcycle and reuse everything. AHEM...I have found the best use for those wonderful TWEENY *THANKS A BUNCH QUEENE`* magazine pages. You know the ones that look so beautiful just not enough to compete with the ORIGINAL pieces of art on my walls.  So why not make them in to envelopes.

The greatness of a craft consists firstly in how it brings comradeship to men.
 Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

Okay here is the story.... I bought something from ETSY.com, wonderful something. Paypal.com must have been having an off day because I kept getting the "Try Again in 30 Mins" screen. I decided to just send a money order for the amount. I made my task *WITH ALARM* in my phone, got the money order the very nested day and had every intention to sending it out. Fast forward to THREE WEEKS later, yes 3, and I am still walking around with an USPS money order for my ETSY.COM purchase. Why didn't I mail the money order.....HMMMM... I was being cheap. Okay so the stamp is now 41 cents or is it 44 cents, I didn't have an ENVELOPE, and  I refused to buy a stamped envelope. Mainly because I HAD A STAMP ALREADY. Thus I walked around being dishonest to myself and a very AMAZING ETSY.COM crafter for three weeks.  I finally did mail it out this past Saturday after Queene the Great made me a envelope. Her actions always lead me to research whats going on and so I looked up envelope templates. I found some for free here along with some other awesome free cards and labels. You can print the template right on to the paper you want to use or use some pretty hard card stock for a permanent template. I also used the scraps to make gift tags with. I'm really working towards getting my foot print down. Anywho I thought those out in BLOGSVILLE would like to Craft Their Lyte as well.

Craft your Lyte:
Again the FREE  templates can be found here. Take a look around you might find some other free crafty ideas. Youtube.com has several videos on making your own envelopes. I rather enjoyed this one.  I will be making my own envelopes FOR free. Ummm or atleast from materials that already exist although I may have or may not have paid for the magazine.  Happy crafting your lyte and enjoy every moment of it!

PS.... AS SOON AS I FIND OUT HOW TO POST PICS FROM MY G1 I'LL POST MY 1st ENVELOPE! and take this ps msg down! HA!
Be Well Be Safe BE PEACE

Love is.....TL


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