Monday, May 24, 2010

Addictive Mindsets *Attaining Lyte"

I often kid that Addicts find a way to get what they want and once they have it they are SUPER DUPER thankful finally getting it. They may not be so thankful for the $0.10 you just gave them but once they have the true goal in hand, nose, mouth or vein they are forever thankful.

So being the scientist that I am I wanted to develop a formula that addictive folx might have and more so to understand the thought process so that more people can attain their TRUE end goals.

Here is what I got so far *more posts on this later* ....
1. You have to not only know and understand what you want but you got to fiend/feel for it
2. What you want has to consume your every thought. I mean its got to be in the foreground and background of your mind each moment
3. You have to plot out a way to get what you want
4. You have to be available to plot # 1 thru #1000
5. You have to ask for what you need to get what you want
6. You can not take rejection personal or allow it to deter you
7. You must follow thru to the end no matter what

Now there are a couple of things we must keep in mind to maintain sanity and be healthy

1. We have to assess whether or not what we desire is worthy of the attention we are about to give it
2. We have to some sort of daily practice or connection to something high then yourself and that is not the idea you want to attain. Ie meditation and prayer
3. We should not try to attain a thing because Mrs. Jones has it
4. We should be prepared to be humbled by the entire experience
5. We should never BEG for anything alone the way
6. We should never harm another to get that which we want to attain
7. We should come out of the experience with lesson to grow from

As I treat addicts with Acudetox I see more and more folx who find a way. Even if there is no way. Excuses become no more and moments truly become precious. I often think "WOW, he/she is relentless.... unstoppable even" And if that effort was put towards something beneficial to their lives they could be everything dreams are made of.
I want to be the person who lives the dreams. On twitter today @paulocoelho said ": An alchemist: a person who transforms dreams into reality. Be one" I so want to be an alchemist. Now I have a goal ....time to take action.

More to come......

Love is.....TL

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