Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living *Stand in the LYTE*

Freedom Choice and TRUTH a blog to check out, GO NOW

Everywhere I turn I see signs of how I currently live coming to an end or changing. The Full Moon on May 27/28 *see your timezone* is all about see truth in the LYTE and progressing with change. There is a awesome blog about Truth link posted above that I started my day with. Then later on in the day I remembered I'm 33. A year of newness! Its also a 1 year for me.

I've been having conversations about control and the illusion of control we have just about everyday in May. Illusions, change, lifestyles and own up to yourself have pretty much been the themes for 2010 so far. I really like it when its just given to us clear as day yet living comes from the experiences that build you up to the knowing. I truly am ready to change and I accept the changes that happen to ensure Truth, LYTE and positive whole being living happen for me.

I know this may seem all over the place .....Honestly its all in place for me. I'm not look for the Silver lining, the reason of it all or an excuse to be okay with what's happing. What I am looking at is this moment and only this moment. How beautiful it is!! How amazing I get to live it RIGHT NOW!

Is now happening to you too???? Let me know!

Love is.... TL

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