Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh no what's that..... ENVY?!? *Let out the Lyte*

I've never been one who is jealous of ANYTHING. My mother, proudly, instelled a strong understanding of self and striving for your OWN best self. Yet everytime a RV, Motorhome or 5th wheeler flys pass me on the road my heart flutters. It feels like I just visited my first pick college and started praying hard for that full ride scholarship that would make it all possible!


I'm really trying to figure it all out! Make it all happen! There is no doubt that it will soon enough. ITS THE INBETWEEN MOMENTS THAT MAKE LIFE WORTH LIVING.

On a side note school is almost over for both Queene and I and its time to cleanse. In general I take June and cleanse with queene. Its easier to watch her intake! SCHOOLS SUCK when it comes to tempations, i.e. VENDING Machines. We'll be doing a 2 week liver flush, 1 week kindey flush and 1 week colon flush. I'm excited. I've been reading about Dr.Berg and his body typing. I'm Adernal, of course! I'll take the summer and follow his plan and see what happens with my friends "FEW EXTRA POUNDS"!

Anyway have I said ......I'm READY! Well I am!

PICTURES TO COME SOON. Also I opened a wordpress blog to talk about my NU NU adventures. . Hope to see ya over there too.

Love is.....TL

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