Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raise ur Kids *Shed some Lyte*

Its no secret! I want mo children! I want a set of twin Boys and I know I'll have at least on other child beside them. Let me be honest ....AHEMMMM I already know their names. *I apologize to the father whomever he is, they came to me in my dreams*
So when I think about all I've done with my daughter and my childhood there is one thing that will set the pace for my sons! TRAVEL and lots of it. I AM SO GRATEFUL I SPENT 12 YRS OVER SEAS as a child. That experience has enabled me to see bigger broader even more vivid pictures of what life is all about. Its help me to grow as an adult and be open as a human being. School or the lack there of scares me but I'd rather be mom, wife, best friend and teacher then to leave it up to US public schools to "learn" my children. Queene did private thru to 5th grade and I'm not even that sure about how that went. The world is the best classroom. I know thats where I'll invest in my children's future the next go around.

Love is.... TL

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