Monday, May 17, 2010

Pilot and Co-Pilot *Sharing My Lyte*

Soulmates, Partners and Spouses all sound good and in theory make prefect sense. Growing up all I heard was you have to be independent or never put yourself in the position to rely on anyone. Well I'm so over being WonderWoman. As a matter of fact she can go jump in her invisible plane a jet away! SuperWoman can follow her lead too!

I rather be a silly goose and mate up for life! My ideas, understandings and thought processes are changing so quickly it often feels life *as in the one I lead right now* can not keep up.

I know I want to rely on at least one other person of this world. Hmmm even depend on them for support whether it is mentally, physically or emotionally.
Ummmm but Joe down the block ain't gonna do it for me anymore. I trust that what I need plus what I desire will meet up and show up at my door....REAL SOON.
The one thing that makes a partnership completely doable for me now is understanding the need to communicate. Communication truly is key. It also has to just be there. Trying to bulid a communication bridge after the Dam broke aint gonna happen. Just as trying to sign to the fastest talker in the west aint gonna happen either. I get that..... what is will be. I also want to listen as much if not more than I want to be heard.
I wonder how many couples met before, during or in between traveling on the road? I also wonder how the conclusion of travelin full time was made by newly formed partnerships?
I'm sure I'll get to answer those and many more questions of the like real soon, thru my creator's will.

Love is.... TL

ps...This blog app is trippin and will not let me post pictures right now.


~~Mike~~ said...

Hi Tamika! I am enjoying your blog so far! I found it from the NUrvers site :) I just wanted to tell ya that my wife and I met on a yahoo group called Vandwellers. We were living a couple states apart in our own vans and now will have been married for a year this next month! It does happen and I know you have the right ideas after reading your thoughts on this. Communication and sharing the same interests really is pretty crucial!

I will enjoy following your blog and wish you all the best!

-Mike & Heidi
97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

Tamika LaShelle said...

Mike, thanks so much for the encouragement and CO SIGNING my thoughts! Its reassuring to know folx do meet up out there in the big blue, green.... open somewhere!

Thanks for the comment! Happy trails MISTA!

Love is... TL