Sunday, May 16, 2010

The wind in my sails, Follow Ur Lyte!

So today we *We being my daughter Queene, Me, Ava/Ant and our teacher Susan* went sailing. Alot of past experiences came up for me during that four hour trip. I'll journal it out and get what I can from my words on paper. UMMMMM..... The future came up too. Sailing really push home the Rving thing. I need to travel, to take trips and you know..... spread my wings. I need to get out of this box that is closing in all around me. The box is appealing when you look through its windows. The Jones', Smith's and even the Bushes' may appear to be living your life. Yet reality is your life is defined by you and you alone.
I define the who, the what and the where. The Creator takes care of the how.... HOW AMAZING IS THAT!
I'm thankful for this understanding. I am grateful for this knowledge. I give thanks for this wisdom.

I define my life not by what I see. Illusions cast waves upon your every movement. I rather define my life by what feels useful, purposeful and rightous *as in on a positive vibration*.
I am allowing my sails to catch the breeze fully so that I may go in the direction that takes me out into the GREAT big open sea!

There is so much to take in, to be apart of and to release. I am ready!

Love is....TL

Two songs came up for me as I wrote this.....

First the Dolly Parton Song "I hope you Dance"
and Second the Drake Song " I'm doing me". Ha! Life is awesome that way I guess!

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