Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Product Worthy of LYTE!!!

Okay I will be posting at least one new product a week that is....

GREEN- in some way this product will reflect the green wave covering my universe. RECYLCE, REPURPOSE, REUSE or UPCYLCE!!! 

USEFUL- it has to have a use in my day to day life

NEW- it has to be a new concept to me

So if it is GREEN, USEFUL and NEW send it my way so it too can become A PRODUCT WORTHY OF LYTE! 

The 11/23/08 Product Worthy of LYTE  is....

This product helps get those AWFUL plastic or paper coffee cups out of the landfills!! 
It combines a simple white design with purpose and works well with the oh so perfect CUP KOZY coffee sleeve available on ETSY.COM . 

See the sleeve I'm hoping to get this season here  Heather Grey / Pink, Reusable Coffee Sleeve

FACT: When you purchase one cup of coffee (or tea) in a disposable container every day, you create about 23 lb of waste each year. -Ideal Bite

Do your part to protect the only place you can truly call home! DO your part! 



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