Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SPOTLYTE on Beauty!!!


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This week SPOTLYTE is on

and thier $65  BUSTIER EVERYTHING Kit

I'm on a crusade to became a
"GIRLIE" woman after 10 years of being a single mother who has always been on the go. I'm slowing down and realizing MONEY is not the happiness, quality of life is!!! 

I have never worn makeup, YES NEVER! *OKAY I've worn it twice, my high school prom and in a fashion show.* How awesome is that I can still be a GREENIE while wearing makeup? VERY AWESOME! 

Mineral makeup is all the rage right now but like EVERYTHING that goes commerical you have to be wary. SO I went to my BESTEST FRIEND EVER ETSY.COM for help. 

There I found MOIMINERALS. Moiminerals is one of many on ESTY.COM offering mineral makeup however I learned a lot just from looking at her home page. 

"I make ALL my products from SCRATCH .This is a Hobby as I am a stay at home Mum, Thats how I can offer quality minerals at great prices. All My Minerals are Vegan,

"At Moi Minerals You will only find 100% Natural Vegan Minerals.
I offer 100% quality vegan Minerals. All my Vegan Minerals are Eyes,Lip,Face,Nail SAFE.

NO FILLERS, NO JUNK******NO CARMINE in any of My Products!!******(Make sure ALL Minerals You Buy are CARMINE FREE)
I NEVER use bismuth ,talc, or preservatives Of any kind!
You will Benefit with: Full Coverage, non clogging pores, acne and skin healing properties. Safe for all skin types. Moi Minerals have SPF, and are water/oil resistant.
I have been Making Quality Mineral Makeup for Almost 3 years now,100% natural is what I believe in."

First she's a MUM!! YAY! YES! YEAH! Go momma's all over the world. 
She has been doing this for 3 years. Thats important to me. That means these products have been tried on a human being for a while and not only is the REAL human being still here but they decided to sell the product they used. Lastly she tought me something! DON'T use Mineral Makeup with CARMINE! Although I had to look up CARMINE *basically it's a dye that most people are allegic to and made out of dried insects* I love the fact that she is doing the natural MOTHERLY thing, TEACHING!!!!

Moiminerals offers all of different samples *I love samples* and kits. Check it out here

This kit *pictured* encloses:
6-Huge 20g Mineral Jars with sifters:
1-Pixie Dust All over Body Shimmer,Eyes,Face,Body
1-Light Bronzer Little darker then Veil but gives a nice soft glo.
1-Blusher (You Pick)
1-Beach Glo Bronzer (Sun Kissed look)
1-Foundation (you pick)
1-Mineral Veil ( Setting Powder)

4-Medium 5g Jars of ANY Mineral Eye Shadow/Liner
1-Large Mirror compact with 2 lip gloss
2-Natural Vegan Lip Gloss, Gold and paradise rose
1-XL Natural Flat Top Buffer
1-XL Black Mineral Kabuki

1-Bustier Bag to put it ALL in.


Moimineral also has the following specials:

From now-Monday 1/2 off ALL lip compacts and lip Paletts Wait for revised invoice


From now until December 5th.
With every $5.00 spent Before S&H,
Get 1 FREE LARGE sample container of anything from my shop even lip balm ~WOW~
like this:
$5.00-1 container
$10.00-2 container
$15.00-3 container
$20.00-4 container
$25.00-5 container
And so on.
Just put your choice in the notes at checkout.....



Let me know what you think and give me some make up application techinques! 




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